November 7, 2014

Being Better.

B and I have been blessed with some pretty amazing friends.
The other night we were driving home from a Jazz game (they all came to watch and awesome are they?!) and we started talking about the gospel.
We all decided that we need to step it up, be better and try harder.
We decided to start having FHE as a group on Monday nights at 10:00 in an effort to be better.
This Monday was our first group FHE and it was so so so so awesome.
Meggy had the lesson and we talked about service and how it's the small and simple things that can really add up.
We all wrote down a list of things we are going to do this week to serve those around us and we're going to report to everyone next week.
So far, it's be awesome. 
B went and got me some food at 11:30 on Tuesday night cuz I was starving and exhausted.
He would have done it anyway, but I'm all, "wow...look at you SERVE!"
Then I gave him a 30 min. foot massage free of charge, and he's all, "service is GREAT!"

Also...we're all stoked on that pic up there.
One day, five thousand FHE's later, we'll look at that piccy and be like, wow...we were so good looking and young and youthful and little and young.

Also, Jen and baby were missed.
Jesse was sad without you.

Now....go serve, kids.
And you're all welcome to FHE if you need a little something something to help you be better.
Plus...Meggy brings treats. And sweats are encouraged. And we're all pretty funny dang funny.

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  1. Awesome post - such a good idea!

  2. we do the same thing with a group of our friends! it really makes you more accountable, and just makes everything all-around more fun!

  3. BE BETTER AT BLOGGING!!! :) just saying. love you