December 14, 2014


A few weeks ago, the Laws/Sanford clan and friends headed down to Moab.
 My family loves that place.
I remember being a little girl and being super duper sad that all of our family vacations consisted of MOAB. 
I mean, could we not throw a beach trip with some shopping in there?!
Jkjk...we did. and did lots of other fun stuff too.
But I think Moab is our most vacationed spot, wouldn't you say, mom? 
But honestly, I love that place.
And it warms my soul right up that I married a man whose family loves it too.

^^this little trooper has been jeeping with us since day one. That's how me and B's kids are gonna be. Out of the womb, into the car seat, and buckled into the jeep ;)
Speaking of kids, had a dream last night that I was preggo and I woke up all sorts of excited. (whaaa?)
I think it's because we can't get a dog. And I have no Christmas tree to care for. So....a baby?!


 ^^ This is my bro bro Ry Ry who I love so bery bery much.
 ^^And this is kater-tot and I love her a lot. Mostly because she's hilarious and nicknamed me Rik-a-Dik before knowing what the word "dik" may or may not imply. But don't worry, we informed her. And she still calls me rik-a-dik because it just "rolls off the tongue".  Hahaha I LOVE HER.

 ^^Match made in heaven I tell you. 

 ^^These two are cuties. Young love...can't help but make you smile, am I right?

So there you have it!
The billioneth Moab trip in the books!

Future children of mine...
I promise to take you on trips to the beach with lots of great shopping.
But you better freaking love Moab or else you're gonna hate the majority of our family vacations.
mmmmkay? Love you bunches. 

Also, I don't know what all this kid talk is about. 

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  1. I LOVE MOAB...I LOVE MOAB....I LOVE MOAB....I can write this without even thinking about it......brainwashed! all of us!! good job Dave.

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