December 14, 2014

Don't ask me.

If you were to ask me why I suck at blogging lately, this is what I would tell you....

I know, I know!
I'm so bad. 
There's just not enough time.
 I have four, FOUR! (like one, two, three, FOUR) jobs and I might be going a little loco. 
And a month ago I had this really ambitious idea to study for and take the GRE.
Idk...I was just feeling really determined and thought I would have the desire and time to study for it. 
Like I thought I'd come home from work at 11:00 every night and would want to stay up memorizing definitions of english words that no one ever uses. 
And I just thought that on my free weekends I would want to spend my time doing a million math problems over and over. 
And I just thought that Thanksgiving and Christmas time would be the perfect "non busy" time to study!
hahahaha what the freak-a-leak was I thinking?!
I probably ended up studying for a total of 5 hours.
And I sure as heck couldn't BLOG in my free time because then my conscience would tell me that if I had time to blog, then I had time to study. 
And I didn't want to study.
I wanted to sleep.
And clean my house.
And makeout with B. 
So that's what I did instead of blogging and studying.
All those way important other things. 
I literally forgot when my GRE was even scheduled for.
I went to check my schedule one day and realized that the test was in 2 days!
Don't ask me how I spaced it.
I'm going crazy I tell you.
But I took the GRE yesterday. And it went about as well as I was expecting. I didn't exactly bomb it, but I definitely didn't rock it. 
Did you know the questions in the GRE are based on how well you answer the previous questions?
Like they get/stay hard if you answer correctly, and get easier if you answer previous questions wrong. 
So at about the 4th hour into the test, my math questions started getting real easy.
And you know what that means. 
eff. eff. eff.
But all I could really think about was how hungry I was.
And how excited I was to get the freak out of there. 

Luckily, most people take the GRE twice.
So I have another shot at it. 
We'll call that last test a great practice test :)
My plan is to take it when I have 75% less jobs and maybe not schedule it around my favorite holidays. 

Also, I spent way too much time googling dogs. 
I'm obsessed and could probably tell you about every dog breed in the world. 
So we also have that to blame for my lack of blogging and awesome GRE score. 

And don't forget online shopping for Christmas presents. 
AHHHHHH! I could easily spend one million dollars on Blakers and my friends and family for Christmas. 
It needs to come fast before I spend all of our dollas. 

So ya!
Unless you want to hear about the GRE, what types of dogs are hypoallergenic, how time consuming being a Jazz Dancer is, or a list of all the Christmas presents I have bought...then don't bring up the "no blogging" issue. 

We don't even have a Christmas Tree up yet.
My loco mind even suggested we don't get a tree this year since it's so late. 
But then my husband called me The Grinch.
And in my mind I thought of all the presents "The Grinch" has bought him for Christmas and then wanted to tackle him for calling me that. 
But then I realized that it's un-human to NOT get a Christmas tree. 
So, hopefully we get one before Christmas because I'm not a Grinch.

Happy Sunday, friends. 
I posted 3 blog posts tonight. 
Happy happy. Joy joy. 

P.S. Blake had a headache today in church and asked if I would rub this sore spot on his head. 
But then this old couple looked at me and said, "stop massaging his head, this isn't a massage parlor." 
And my jaw kinda of dropped.
And then they told B that it was "sacrilegious" of us to be doing that.
And then we watched them doze off and look at their iPads for the rest of the meeting. 
And I'm just real proud of my hubby for not calling them out even though we were both pretty ticked about the whole thing.

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  1. They were just jealous that you're a smokin hot, loving couple & they probably haven't touched each other in YEARS. Yup. Love u

  2. Oh, and you need a baby for me to snuggle. Stat. That's what your subconscious is telling you 😉

  3. i can't believe that old couple said that! I don't even know what I would do! hahaha welcome back to the blogging world!

  4. Thank you B for not going off on him......funniest thing...oh and for not going Inactive :)


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  6. I'm writing to request a refund for your so-called "Blog" subscription. Please send $$ upstairs.