December 14, 2014

Last night.

I just found this in my "drafts" section. I'm not quite sure when I wrote it but it pretty much sounds like every other day of my life :)

Jazz practice. 
I love it. 
But most days, it kicks my butt!
6 pm to 10 pm of dancing.
and a killer workout to start it off. 
I'm sweating buckets within the first 30 minutes!
Last night was particularly hard for some reason. 
I think it was because the workout was freaking tough, I was starvin' marvin, and it was my day to drive.
Since practice is in Bountiful, us Provo peeps carpool.
It's the best thing. 
Save on gas and just chillax while you get taken to and from practice. 
But I hate when it's my driving day!
The drive home after practice always seems so long to me when I'm driving!
Yesterday was just exhausting.
And the point of this post?
Not to complain (although that's what its sounding like! I'm actually looooooving dancing for the Jazz, like LOVE! so don't get me wrong.)
I just want to praise that sweet freaking husband of mine. 
Not only did he make the yummiest grilled cheese sandwich for me. 
But he also let me vent to him about how tired my body was. 
And he gave me a head massage. (my favorite thing!!)
and didn't even complain when I didn't have energy to shower (and I'm sure I was staaaanky).

And that's the end of my awesome draft.
The take away?
B is my numero uno and I often go to bed smelling no bueno.

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