February 15, 2015

Lover Boy turns 26!

The key to making Blakers happy is easy. 
Family and Friends. 
(and back rubs and making out). 
If B is down about ANYTHING, being around family and good friends always lifts his spirit. 
So turning 26. 
He was more sad than thrilled about November 23rd coming around. 
Probably something about being closer to 30 than 20...or something like that. 
I know I'm definitely not old, but I'm starting to get to that point where my birthdays are still so great, but like "ahhhh I'm good staying 20 for another 10 years." YOU KNOW.

So for B's 26th birthday I surprised him with a cottage-thing in Park City for the night. 
But the best part?
B opened the door to our cottage and BAM! All of his closest friends were there too. 
There was just no time for him to be sad about turning 26 with all his buddies around!
We ate dinner, played games, hot tubbed, blasted music, ate crap, stayed up late, had a bad night of sleep, then breakfast and shopping. 
It was a total success and we had the best time!
We've been blessed with the greatest friends and I'm to grateful that we're all so close. 

Happy Birthday to my hot husband.
26 looks so good on you. 
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  1. Looks like you guys had a good time!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a good time!!

  3. I love you guys....and I love your friends!!! MUAH.

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  5. What a nice couple! Once I thought such type of live but never comes true. So now I give up dreaming and trying to love working.