February 22, 2015

Mitchy + Meggy

Blake's best friend got married last weekend.
His name is Mitch.
Which makes their celebrity couple name BLITCH.
No lie, B and Mitchy are the best of friends. 
I remember when I was dating B, he'd call me to tell me he was coming over and it was NEVER a surprise when I opened the door to see both Blakers AND Mitch. 

Anyway, you can imagine our excitement when Mitch started bringing Meggy around more and more.
It's cool to see such a good friend fall in love. 
And even cooler when you love the girl he picked. 
Since we hangout alllll the time, I can't imagine what if would be like if I didn't vibe with whoever Mitch married. 
So it's great news that Meggy is now one of my best friends. 
And their whole day was basically perfect.
The weather was insanely awesome for a February wedding,
and everyone was just HAPPY. 
The temple is my favorite part of any wedding.
All the happiness and tears and all that eternity talk just really warms my soul.
And of course the reception was a party.
At the end of the night I told B I felt guilty cuz I ate 5 sandwiches.
But then he told me he ate 15, so then I didn't feel too bad. 
And this right here is one of my favorite pictures ever. 
I snuck it a few minutes before the reception started. 
B and Mitchy were just sitting there, chatting and laughing about who knows what.
Like there wasn't a care in the world.
Just them being them.
So cute.  
Man, I love these guys so much. 
Thanks for being such a good friend to my hubby, Mitch! And thanks for picking such a solid woman to marry. 
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