February 20, 2015


I want a dog so bad.
Like I'm obsessed. 
I look at the KSL dog ads everyday. 
I might exaggerate some things, but that, ^ up there ^, is a through and through true statement.
Me and KSL. Every. Day.
Unfortunately, our landlords *cough* mom *cough cough* dad, won't let us get one.
Which is just straight evil, if you ask me.
We're so grateful to live in their basement apartment and they are the most giving people I know...
Sure, they're not evil, but their anti-dog campaign, is. 
Fortunately, they really only have one reason why they don't want me to get a dog.
Their reason? They just don't want me to get a dog!
But I can feel my persuasion skills starting to slowly knock down those walls of theirs.
Unfortunately, it's a thick wall.
I have a feeling by the time I actually knock down their wall and convince them to be pro-puppy, I'll be 30 years old with my own house and 12 dogs.

In the meantime, I just take advantage of Rent-A-Puppy, a business that literally lets you rent a dog for 1-4 hours. 
It's pretty loco if you really think about it.
You're paying someone to take care of their dog. 
I should start a Rent-A-Kid business someday.
Let people pay me when they wanna babysit my kiddos for 1-4 hours. :) 

Weird or not, I love it. 
And I'm a total sucker for the "15% off your next puppy rental!" emails they send me. 
Freaking heck.
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  1. i love rent-a-puppy! but one time my roommates and i rented this little hound dog named alice and it just started pooping and peeing everywhere! and this may be TMI but the poop was not super solid! it was nasty. hahahaha

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  2. PEOPLE!!! we are NOT the bad guys here....last time this girl brought a dog home - it was a bouncing 100 pound Akita and pooped, peed and threw up all over my house....not to mention the scratches in my hardwood floors. Next, we are missing 3 stair treads, and an full on door trim because of fireworks. I'm not a dog hater....I love dogs (ones larger than cats) and I love my daughter. She can move out and have the 12 dogs she wants (I think that's a little overboard and probably illegal but hey...) so here's to packing up her and B and sending them on to dog heaven. Moving party to be announced.

  3. Sooo cute! Just have a baby already. They're cute, cuddly, fuzzy & sooo precious. 😉

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  5. Cute pet! My dog is 1 years old and now able to care about my house when i stay in my works. Thanks for sharing with us.