June 29, 2011

3 strikes, you're out.

 See these little cuties?

While teaching them dance, they weren't always so cute :), so I came up with an idea. I gave them each something to work on during class, aka: always have strong arms, point toes, no talking back, etc. and every time they weren't doing their goal, they got a strike. Game Plan: anyone who gets 3 strikes before each competition, loses the end of year party for the whole class. Sounds strict right? Well let me tell ya, it worked wonders. Who knew the words "I'll have to give you a strike" could transform a little jibber jabber chica, into a girl who didn't make a peep for the rest of class?! Genius. I kind of feel guilty using bribery against such adorable girls...but trust me. It was needed. Great news! They made it to the end of the year without getting 3 strikes (mostly because of my giving nature...once I gave a girl 7/8 of a strike because she already had 2 on her record. 7/8 of a strike.... what is that?!) Anyways, last night we partied, and we partied hard. I'm pooped, but look at how much fun we had!

Dinner outside....

Sidewalk chalk...

Crazy dress-ups (provided by me and Nik's stellar costume collection as a result of 14 years of dance concerts...)

Dessert at The Chocolate...

PLUS... a Jeep ride, shoe fashion show, gang-up-on-rik-and-tickle-her fights (yes...multiple of them), treats (soooo many treats), chitchats on my bed, late night neighborhood walk, the movie "tangled", 7 am wake-up call (whaaaat?!), krispy kremes for breakfast, and a whole lotta hilarious comments and memories.

I love you Senior Company girls, thank goodness no one got 3 strikes so we could party hardy last night!

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  1. this is why you ditched out on dirty dancing?? :) jk. looks like a party!