June 13, 2011

Meet Mr. Parks.

This is Mr. Parks...

I HATE Mr. Parks.

Kaniki brought him home from girls camp last year and he has found a home in the Laws Residence for the past year. One year too long in my opinion. Niki girl, in her twisted ways, has found it seemly funny to hide Mr. Parks in my room, bathroom, closet, etc. and every single time Mr. Parks has scared the royal crap outta me. Imagine getting out of your shower late in the night, opening your closet to get some clothes, and BAM! Mr. Parks is just standing there staring at you. Hahaha kind of funny now that I look back on all those encounters with Mr. Parks, but soooo scary in the moment!

Late, late last night I was walking through my backyard to get into my house (which scares me every night) and I see the shadow of a man on the side of my house. I just froze. Game plan? Stab the creep with my car keys. Any guesses who it was? Mr. Parks. Oh how I despise Mr. Parks.

I guess he was outside by our garbage cans last night because the mother has forced Nik to throw that thing away. About dang time. I think a celebration is in order.

We sure enjoyed the goodbye photoshoot with you Mr. Parks, but you will not be missed. Adios amigo!

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