June 21, 2011

New Mexico Lovin'.

This past weekend, my family (minus the brothers) packed into the car and headed to New Mexico. My Grandpa Jerry passed away last week, so we went to be with my Grandma. It was a short, but fun trip. Nothing like eating out, shopping, and watching movies with the fam bam.

Part of the New Mexico partying consisted of us cleaning out my Grandma's house. Boy was that fun. Who knew that a sofa was the prime place to hid, shove, and hold 20 boxes worth of used tissues??

Road trips are one of my favorite things ever. I think we ended up spending more time driving than we did actually visiting family, but it was so worth it. Nik is my favorite travel buddy. She's a sweet soul for listening to my singing, letting me sprawl all over her, and sharing all her treats and goodies with me.


  1. nice shorty shorts. I thought you were better than that.

  2. Hey you look cute in your pictures riki lou! Love your blog!!!! waaaa hooooo it rhymes! get it? ;)