June 11, 2011

Operation: healthy household.

I love my family. They are the best. However, I have found a flaw. A major one. Let me direct your attention to our pantry...

Surprised we haven't passed over dead of a heart attack? I sure am. The thing is...our pantry is infamous for the crap we put into it. The neighbor kids LOVE it. My two best friends even made up a song for the Laws pantry titled "party in the pantry". I guess it's true, our pantry truly is a party. Party in your mouth. Too bad all these parties will soon result in overweight individuals who are fused to their couches with zero energy to do anything productive in life but to continually experience such delicious, yet unhealthy, parties in their mouths. Change is in order here people!

I have a theory. Because my family is going one hundred miles an hour, all the time, we resort to the quick fix food items. That's what our pantry is....on-the-go delights to feed our bellies. So...I started an experiment. Operation Heathy Household is what I call it. 

Plan: buy healthy food and make it easy and accessible to my family so they can grab it on the go.  I think they like healthy food, they just don't have the time to get it ready. Now, my mom said I have to start out easy on them. I guess it's hard to quit junk food cold turkey. So....I started out with fresh fruit cut up in the fridge for them. I think it's a good step one, don't you?

I brought some fruit into my mom's bathroom so she could eat it while she was getting ready this morning...

Looks like Operation: Healthy Household is gonna be a hit. 


  1. Well, you too will have to check out my blog when it comes out. Check out ozonefit.com and my blog will be there to help you find some tips for this change. Good job girls. I love you.

    Auntie Roni

  2. I thinks your efforts are commendable! :)
    K... So I am kinda techtarded and I am having issues trying to subscribe to your blog... can you inform me how?

  3. Ha! I wish I could help you, but I actually have no idea! I'm techtarded as well :) But....don't you just press the "follow" button the said of the page? maybe?