April 13, 2012

I'm sure you've noticed...

Too many bracelets, funky necklaces, feather earring, undone hair (going on a heat fast), hair wrap, beanies, rings, etc....it's my jam. 


  1. why do our heads look so funny?? and why do I have so much eye liner on??

  2. I've basically stalked you..creepy i know.
    But you've inspired me to hopefully have a love like yours and your husbands..and your family's. I also, can only dream of having hair as gorgeous as yours.
    Thank you for being you, from what i've read..you're pretty amazing.

    1. Steph, no lie...your comment made my entire day. Heck! It made my entire life! Thank you so much for your sweet words, I really have the best husband who is too good to me. I hope you can find someone as amazing as him...they're out there! But thanks for reading...it makes me feel great that people actually read and appreciate the stuff I'm blabbering about on here, so THANK YOU!!!