April 14, 2012

This past week...

6 homework assignments
8 papers
4 service hours
5 review sessions 
6 finals
...who knows how many hours I spent in the library...

oh ya...all stacked up on top of work.

sleep and food  managed to slip themselves in there.

my social life however,  did not. 

Best part is....Finals week didn't even start until today. 

oh dear...bring it on.

{Aka: I'm dying}
{Aka: goodbye good GPA}
{Aka: I need to wash my hair sometime soon}
{Aka: heeeeelp}
{Aka: school is not cool...school is for fools!}
{I am a fool}

*sigh* ohhh the days where the flowers bloomed and the birds chirped in joyful tunes. Where the world consisted of happiness and school free bliss. Where professors canceled all school work and the testing center was a center that tested your knowledge of living the easy and breezy life. Where the sun dropped jelly beans, the rainbows painted your nails, and the lottery winner donated his winnings to your "I'm a poor college student" fund. Those were the good ol' days. Where did they go? I sure miss them so. 

Hahahaha the rainbows painting my nails? Funny Rik. 

1 comment:

  1. Rik woman! I know the feeling. you can do it you can do it. All i can say is the other day i thought of the funniest thing you said. "HEY STONER...Want to see something Magical??? " hahaha Love you