June 2, 2012


Lets be honest...I'm not sure how I feel about what I'm about to post. I mean...blogs about love [cute love, to be exact] have always been my favorite kind of blogs to read. I love getting that "oh my gosh! They're the cutest couple in the entire universe!!" type of feeling while stalking other peeps. It's a kind of jealousy/so-happy-for-them type of emotion. I like it. BUT I've never been one to post those kinds of posts...just one who reads them. So ladies and ladies (I doubt there are gents reading this blog...), here's my attempt to blog a cute, lovey dovey post about how freaking awesome my love life is. Pharell...it rocks. Let me tell you.

See this handsome boy...

Yup....dating that.

I'm fully aware that he's the most handsome boy you've ever laid eyes on. He's really cool too. The other night I feel asleep while hanging out with him (it happens all the time...I'm basically a dead man walking after 10:00 pm every night), and I woke up the next morning to this hideous picture as the background on my phone. 

I was pretty mortified. One, because I look like a freak. Two, because he has to look at that freak sleep.... every. single. night. Yowza!!! That's rough. It's also rough that he set that picture as my Caller ID pic on his phone. I should avoid calling him so much so he can't see that picture pop up on his phone every time I call him....but I don't. Anyways....I also woke up to this...

A giant sized note on my floor and little other notes covering my bathroom. What a cutie. I seriously have a big black binder where I put all the notes he leaves me. I'm not kidding...I get them all the time. On my mirror, my car, my notebooks, my laptop, you name it...he's left me a note there. I even wake up and have graffiti on my body sometimes. Funny kid. aaaaand creative, don't you think? Get this! Once he didn't have work on a Friday night, and decided to plan a sweet date night. We went to dinner, Wal-mart to pick out my favorite treats, a drive-in movie to watch Avengers (truck equip with a million blankets and pillows), and then a nice drive home with me sleeping on him and listening to our favorite songs. 

I thought the night was over, but it totally was not. He said he had one more surprise for me. So he made me close my eyes, grabbed my hand, and led me to his back yard. When he said I could open my eyes, this is what I saw...

He had spent all day making a sweet fort for us. I seriously acted like a little girl. I LOVED IT! We spent the rest of our date laying in our fort reading B's favorite childhood picture books, laughing, talking, and telling stories. It seriously was one of the best nights. He's such a keeper killas!!

Anyways...did I do it?! Did you get that "oh my gosh! They're the cutest couple ever" feeling? I hope so cause there's probably some more of these lovey dovey posts coming your way and I don't want to scare you off...


  1. I got that feeling! You guys are so cute. I'm so happy that you're happy!

  2. Adorbs. Seriously! I got that feeling and then some haha. So happy for you rik. I'll be waiting for those posts...

  3. What a cutie! You deserve someone amazing! Can't wait to meet him this summer!

  4. Not sure where you found such an amazing guy, seriously, but keep him. forever. he is seriously the cutest in so many ways.