June 29, 2012

I live with crazies.

Lachelle aka: Lush. She is cool because she cleans our room when she doesn't have work. Yesterday she even dusted.
Tay aka: Nugget. She is cool because once she made me chicken spinach quesadillas and let me pull out all the spinach.

Shelby aka: Delbs. She is cool because she likes my legs. "Your legs are big, but they don't touch so it makes them look small. I LOVE that."

Taylor writes everyone cute notes, except for me and Lush. Shelby also writes everyone cute notes, except for me and Lush. Lush and I don't ever get cute notes from anyone. That's okay though, we enjoy being the co-presidents of the "cute notes are for losers" club.

Taylor: "Rik, can I borrow a shirt?"
Me: "Ya sure, try this one."
Taylor: "I can't wear that, I have broad shoulders, like a man."
Me: "Good thing I bought it from the man section"
Taylor: "It won't fit my shoulders, they're like guy shoulders."
Me: "Tay, it's a guy shirt."
Taylor: "But I have guy shoulders!"
She never did wear my shirt...

Sure do love me some roommates. 


  1. Riki, people who make my bed in the morning get love notes. delbs is the only one who makes my bed. if you want a note, make my bed. simple math.

    p.s. I love you and your stinking cute blog

  2. Rik.. I love this like MAD. You're so stinking cute. However, while you two sit and hate on our love notes, I'm still writing them. So THERE.

    Tay..... That is NOT the only reason why you write me love notes. Just sayin.