June 24, 2012

A decade plus another one.

That's right. Two decades together equals twenty years. TWENTY! Hot dang. I'm a twenty year old.  I had a really cool birthday too. Started off with a 12:00 birthday song sung by the boyfriend [who never sings and has the voice of an angel :)] while a virtual cupcake danced on his computer screen. A 6 am wake-up from my 3 friendies who snapped lots of pics of me in all my morning glory, made me dress up in old dance costumes, and took me to Kneaders. Lots of presents from the best little sister ever.  Lush and I laid in bed and sang songs at the top of our lungs until we decided to get up for the day and wax off our upper lip hair (random...I know, but it hurt like a mother, and I highly do NOT recommend it).  Went to school..BOOOOO, but left early to go get sushi with my Padre. He's the best. Rode down the canyon on longboards with boyfriend and went for a hike to this sweet little waterfall. At the end of our ride, he gave me a clue, left me all alone, and sent me on a scavenger hunt. After driving all around Provo, I ended up at his house where he gave me my present, showered me with hugs and kisses and about a million "happy birthday's". Then we ventured over to my house where Lush and the fam planned a BBQ with all the amigos. We tramp jumped, rode around in a mini bus, laugh and chitchatted, went to go get snowcones (but they were closed), and somehow, in all the madness, I ended up at Blake's house with him all to myself. We probably watched a movie. I don't remember. We probably made-out too. It was my birthday, so we basically had to. All-in-all....it was the best 20th birthday I have ever had.

B made me this key chain...equip with pennies from the year I was born and the year he was born. Such a creative boy I'm dating. AND this Herschel backpack that I've been wanting for forever. Dang it makes me looks good at school. It really does...it truly truly does.


Here's a video you can watch, if you feel so inclined too. But please, ignore the zits that are lovin my face these days. I'm hoping that now that I'm 20, they'll realize how old and mature I am and decide to go bug some little girl in Jr. High or something. I wouldn't even feel bad...we all had to deal with it back in those days. 


  1. Yay for fun birthdays! This is going to be a good decade for ya, I can feel it! Xoxo

    Emmie B

  2. Glad you had a good b-day! Sounds like you got a cute man! Hope to meet him this summer!