June 26, 2012

We're jeeping fools, ya know?

My dad is a jeep fanatic. Seriously. Fanatic is probably an understatement. No family needs 3 jeeps. No family but mine, of course.  So naturally my dad picks Moab as his vaca of choice to celebrate his dad day. So a bunch of my friendy friends drove down to Moab with me to celebrate Dave's day. We had so much fun. We sang and danced in the car 100 miles past our destination. Don't ask me how we managed to do that, but boyfriend was not super thrilled at 1 in the a.m. when I told him we were 100 miles past Moab. OOHHHHH Colorado...you were a lovely surprise to our little trip.

Jeeping is one of my favorite things to do. It's even funner with peeps you love and a group of 12 jeeps. Thanks Chief Dave for the best celebration of Spring Semester being over and Father's Day. I love you so much!!

Also, a big thank you to Little Miss May for letting me use her sunscreen. I was highly anticipating the muchly needed tan I would have from being in the sun. However, her SPF 10000000000 sunscreen prevented any sun...whatsoever. I think I came home whiter than when I left. 

But how could you be mad at that face?! She's the cutest baby alive. So glad this lil' nugget came with us. We're breaking her into Jeeping real quick.


  1. Bahahaha SPF 10000000000, at least you aren't as pasty as me :) Love you girl.

  2. Best weekend of mmmmyyyyy LIFE. :)

  3. Way to capture two SOLID pictures of me Riko.