June 28, 2012

Sure...I'll share.

Sup peeps! I found some goodies via internet and I just want to share the love with you.

This is a knock-off J. Crew Bubble necklace. Get this! It's $150 at J. Crew, $50.00 orginally, purchased by yours truly for $24.99. Whoa baby! I got the yellow for me, and bought the light pink one for my cute lil' momma. Want it? Go to ksldeals.com, click on clothing, and viola! This little cutie will show up for you to purchase. But do it fast. The 52% off deal will only last about as long as Kim Kardashians wedding did, probably shorter actually. 

This bow!!! I wanted to buy one in every color but had to refrain and stick with just 2. One in mint, and one in lemon. I can't wait to stick it in my uncombed, undone, going-on-a-heat-fast hair. Best part...it's only $4.00 and you get 20% for the next few days using the promo code "bowbowbow". Wanna be twinners? Cool. Go to etsy.com and type thebellewhistle into the search bar. You'll be in bow heaven.

This is my favorite purchase of the week! Seriously dudes...go to the website society6.com and you will spend your afternoon browsing your life away. They have a million and one prints and you can turn most of them into iphone cases. I had the hardest time deciding which one to get...no lie, I fell in love with 50 of them. But this giraffe (my fav animal since basically birth) is the ultimate, don't you think?? Go look. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Dang Rik. You should probably go do summer sales for Vivint. Your killer salesperson skills would make you millions.


  1. So mad I just looked at this post. Just bought 2 bows.. hahaha

  2. and can't get myself off that phone case website.