June 27, 2012

Super powers and such and such.

B has a super power. He can change his mood from a bad one to a good one in a matter of 5 seconds. I'm not kidding. It's amazing. Like this one time. He got an email that was the bearer of some bad bad news. News that would make me depressed for a solid 3 weeks. We sat in the living room. I tried to offer him words of comfort. Of course he smiled and said it was "all good", but he was sad. I could tell. I told him to hold on a sec while I went to my room and changed into some comfy cozy's. My plan was to cuddle all his worries right out the window! When I went back into the living room B came up to me, put his hands on both my shoulders, and told me to hold on for one second. He walked out the door. Shut it behind him. Left me standing there like a fool for a few moments. Knocked on the door. I confusingly opened it. And there was B. Happy as ever. "Hey RIK! It's so good to see you! Wanna hangout with me tonight?"

And that was that. We smiled and laughed the night away. Mr. Bad-Email ain't got nothin' on my happy man.

Cooooool story Rik.
Moving on...

I don't have that super power. Not at all. If I'm in a bad mood...I'm in a bad mood. Ain't no switch inside me that instantly releases the singing birds and rainbows. Dang it. Yesterday was one of those bad mood days. No bueno! Poor boyfriend has to deal with my moody, quiet, and rare smiling self until a few decades pass by. So...he took things into his own hands. After painting his room (betcha can't wait for that post, eh?), he brought me downstairs where he had decorated his basement with candles, and a loving note to cheer me up. He sat me down on the couch right next to him and read me poems from the oldest poem book known to man.

I think it was the candles. And the flashlight he used to spotlight my note. And the super dumb poems we read. But he sure turned my day and night right around.

(Sorry...this is the only pic I took of the night)

We might have started to kiss a little bit. And his brother might have walked in as soon as the kisses started to fly. And it might have looked a little sketchy kissing with lit candles all around us. But I'm not ashamed...we lasted a whole 7 months without anyone walking in on us. So, I'll consider this a success.

"If no one has walked in on you guys yet, you're not kissing enough!"
-Lil' brother Sanford