April 7, 2012

You fool!!

Did you fall for this?....don't be ashamed to admit it. We allllll know you did. For the last week I have been getting so many comments on it.
"I totally fell for it!"
"I didn't buy it for 5 seconds"
"I didn't think it was real, until I saw everyone commenting on it..."
"Are you still going to Romania?"
"You jerk!"
....aaaaand, every once in a while I get a "Wow! Congrats on your engagement!"
Hahahaha. FOOLED YOU.

Seriously though, you should have seen B and I right after we posted it on Facebook. We felt soooooo bad, like we were lying to the whole world! Not to mention the sweet comments, phone call, texts, and voicemails saying how happy people were. We almost deleted it 5 times because we felt so guilty. We didn't answer anyone's phone calls or texts because we didn't want to lie straight to them. Hahaha we were a mess....everyone had to keep telling us that is was FUNNY and people wouldn't be TOO mad once they found out.

Except for my dad. We miiiiiight have forgotten to tell him that we put it on Facebook.
*Dad calls my cell phone*
Me: Oh what up dad??
Dad: (in a slightly annoyed voice) Next time you might want to tell me you're engaged so I know what to say to the 50 people blowing up my phone.
Me: hahahahaha oh right, sorry 'bout that. I'm engaged Dad. But only for today.

Happy April Fools my little friendly peeps. I promise that is the last time I will do that. Please believe me when I post my next "I'm engaged!" pictures on the Fuh-book. It will be for realsies. Pinky swear.


  1. Best April Fools EVA!! over 200 "comments" and "Likes" on FB. heehee

  2. That was pretty good, although Dru and I sat on the couch and discussed why we did not think it was real. :)