August 9, 2013

Cali day dos.

Beach, shopping, exploring the city while jammin to music, B burning his feet on the sand (blisters, you guys), longboarding the boardwalk, working on our tan (because they're earned, not bought), figuring out the GoPro (hello hours worth of sorta worthless and shaky footage), and enjoying good (non-fancy) food.
You know, our kind of day.
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  1. Goodness, I miss Cali.
    I'm from California, and followed my love to Washington. What I wouldn't do for a balboa bar, a tan and the boardwalk right now.

    1. I miss it too! It really is the greatest place. B and I wished we lived there so bad! Maybe for dental school??

  2. so jealous you are in cali right now! i miss the beach.
    and your hair?? I LOVE IT.

    xx, keena

  3. Can I just say your life is like perfect? Amazing photos, it looks like you're having so much fun every day!