August 6, 2013

Our weekend.

Remember our spur of the moment Cali trip? didn't happen.
But only because it had to be postponed until tomorrow morning.
So basically I was sad when we had to move it...but how super stoked am I that this week will consist of only 2 work days and a vacay for the rest?!
And this past weekend??
How you pool party, drive-in movie, sleeping in, farmers market, boating, Laws and Sanford BBQ, macaroons (B and I are officially obsessed), continuing my reign as Nertz champion, and playing nurse to my husband who was graced with a 104 fever on Sunday.
It was basically packed to the hilt with fun, and I'm feeling like an accomplished doctor with how healthy Blake is looking and feeling these days!
Jk. He's still sick. 
But I have a feeling the only cure is to rinse him out with some salt water and burn the crap right out of his sickness with some Cali sun.
Accomplished doctor's orders. 

And look
We're surfing!
You know what they say...
Why surf alone when you can surf with your sexy husband. 
The only sad part was when we couldn't quite get up all the way.
And I accidentally let go of the rope that was dragging us. 
But have no hair got caught in the rope and dragged me underwater for a bit before it all ripped out. 
So that was a bummer. 
But you know what they say...
partner surfing increases chance of hair loss. 
So I basically had it coming. 

And since instagram is a butt load of a lot easier to update than this bloggy...
Follow @riksanfyy_ for Cali updates!
Peace, love and shark bait! (oo-hah-hah)
(In honor of shark week, of course)
Lates, playas!!

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  1. i just love reading your posts. so full of personality! haha hope you have fun in CA! :)

  2. Replies
    1. No kidding auntie! It seriously hurt so bad!