August 23, 2013

Goodbye to the Love Shack :( and a House Tour

I doubt that most of you know this...
but my parents have a self-contained basement apartment in their house, and B and I are moving into it this weekend. 
It's bitter sweet. 
Sweet because we'll be able to save a lot of money on rent, it's way bigger and nicer than the Love Shack, and it's closer to most places. 
Bitter because we have to leave the Love Shack, neighbors, and ward that we've come to love. 
It literally took us 7 months to make a final decision. 
And let me tell you, It's still hard for us. 
Especially B. 
Of course I'm sad about leaving, but B's pretty much heart broken, which makes me super sad. 
It's just that this was our first home together!
We spent hours making it look how we want it, and there are so many memories in that house. 
I know we'll seriously miss the simplicity of our home. 
We didn't have cable or internet so we spent our nights bike riding and card playing and movie watching. 
We didn't have a washer or dryer so we let our laundry baskets overflow until it was impossible to go another day without clean clothes. 
We locked ourselves out more than once and literally "carded" our way in. 
We blasted our music at midnight just cuz we could. 
We loved moving our mattress into the living room and usually let is stay there for a solid week. 
We tried everything possible to get rid of the "old" smell in the house and never found a solution. 
We paid next to nothing for gas and electricy. 
Our window cooler became our best friend. 
Our bed became our kitchen table. 
Cereal and milk was way too common. 
7/11 doughnuts just down the street added some pounds. 
And we made-out in basically every square foot of the thing. 

Those things, and much more, will always be tied to our first home, and it's sad/bizarre to think that we're already moving past this stage in our lives. 
But in honor of all good times,  here's the Love Shack!
(with top quality photos from the iPhone, of course)
I hope you love it as much as B and I do.

The Living Room

 ^^ that buffet was our first big purchase as a married couple. 
Also, I pulled some leg muscles trying to help B put that thing into our house. 
Weighs more than a elephant, I tell you. 

 ^^ It took forever to convince B that that wall should be orange. 
Even painted it grey first. 
Boy finally came to his senses. 
We even had my mom come to paint it so we didn't mess it up big time.
She'll be a professional painter in the next life, I'm sure. 

 The Kitchen

 ^^we spent DAYS painting the kitchen yellow. 
It took way too long. 

^^ Sadly, the stove and microwave were mostly used as something to lean our bikes up against.
 I'm sure that's no surprise to a lot of you. 
Oh the joys of being a non-cook/bad wife. 

The Bedroom

 ^^ We didn't exactly secure that top thing very well. 
Hence, the hats. 
I didn't dare put anything heavier on it, in fear that it would fall and kill us in the middle of the night.

^^This is a HUGE canvas of NYC (where B served his mission). 
Sometimes we'd laid in bed and play Eye-Spy on it. 
I have yet to find McDonald's.
Also, we want to count how many windows are on it. 
But we'll probably save that for a day when we have lots of homework and important things to do. 
You know? 
When we need a legit excuse to not do those things. 
You know?
Cuz we neeeeeeed to know how many windows are on our NYC mural. 

The extra room? Nah. Closet.

 ^^ my side.

^^his side

^^take note of over flowing laundry.
Also, we had great intentions of painting over that awesome lime green. 

The Bathroom

 ^^ Get plugs that fit my beauty enhancing needs.
Also...painted these walls from dark green to blue. 
By myself, like a boss. 

And there you have it! 
Our favorite place in the world.

Bye little Love Shack!
You sure have treated us well. 
And don't worry. 
We already have big plans in the making to move back into you when I graduate next April. 

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  1. Okay, your house is decorated in possibly the cutest way EVER. Please do interior decorating either as a career or a side job because you have TALENT!!!! I'm so sad you folks are moving out of this cuteness of a home but I'm sure you'll do wonders in making your next place just as cozy :)

    xx, Ariel

    1. Thanks Ariel! haha that seriously means so much to me! I love having my own little place to fancy up...but I hear interior design classes at BYU are a real headache, so I've kinda just steered clear of them! Aka: I think I can only stick to my own house since I have ZERO expertize whatsoever!

  2. Cutest house EVER. If I ever get a house {by some miraculous twist of fate} over there, I want you to decorate it! Sad that y'all are moving out but you'll be back before you know it! April isn't THAT far away. My birthday is in April so I know these things ;) I'm sure y'all will make the next place just as nice though! :)

    1. Hey, you know who to hit up if you need help with anything! And yes...hopefully April comes fast. But no lie, our new place isn't too bad!

  3. This is the saddest most romantic post ever.
    I'm depressed already, just thinking about moving out of my husband and I's first home.
    Your place is beautiful, and so well decorated.
    kudos, kudos.

  4. oh my goodness this is the cutest little house i've ever seen! my husband and i just moved out of our first place too-it's so bittersweet! ps i went to dinner with rylee this week and we were talking about how we should all get together!

    1. Thanks ash! It's totally bitter sweet, but a new adventure is always fun, right?! And hey, you know I would love a get together! Lets do it!

  5. Remember how I was in love with your house? And then I randomly brought my friend over to pick up a rug and she as in love with your house? It's for sure, your house is the cutest little thing. But I'm sure wherever you move will be! Girl I wanna see you more!!!!

    1. Hahaha dude, you're seriously the sweetest. And I love your friend, whoever she is :). Does she like the rug?! ANd also, we should do something. I would love to see you more baby!

  6. Looks like you got your mom's decorating skills-so cute!

    1. Hahaha thanks Auntie...I think she's pretty proud :)

  7. Happy to have you home again.....partee in the basement!!! Whoot!! Whoot!!

    1. You're the best for letting us live in your little apartment momma. Love you!