August 21, 2013


Yes, I know.
I failed miserably at blogging everyday in California.
I actually think it's kinda cute that I even tried.
Ya right.
But you know what they say...
it's better to have tried and failed, then to have never tried at all. :)
But great news is that B and I are in the process of making a video of our California adventure.
So stayed tuned.
Maybe we'll finish it before we turn 50.
40, if you're lucky.

BUT we went on yet another great vacation this weekend.
This time with both our families and some close family friends.
Where to?
You guessed it.
For some reason I was thee worst at taking pictures this weekend.
Literally didn't even pull out the big camera that I brought.
And the iphone only came out once or twice
So I'm sorry.
I think I was too busy napping, jumping on the tramp, 4-wheeling, temple session-ing, canoeing in the lake, playing volleyball, badmitton (sp?), card games and golf. And also reading, eating, snacking, munching, and all things chill and fun.

But I did manage to document our 4-wheel trip up the mountain.
I grew a dirt mustache in 5 seconds.
And we found a lake and haaaaad to jump in.
And only two people tipped over their machines.
And I only got rear ended three times.
So it was a success. 

And the other event that managed to pull me out of my non-picture-taking mood?
The sexiest people I've ever seen. 

I walked into the Sanford RV late Saturday night and found them dressing up. 
I was dying. 
They really are the funniest people I know. 

Thanks for the funnest trippy trip Laws and Sanford fam. 
I seriously love you all. 
And love even more that both my fams are friends and plan trips together. 
It's the neatest and greatest thing.

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  1. Stole some of your pics. I was even worse at taking pictures. Thanks for taking any at all :)

    1. Hahaha we did pretty bad, eh?! Glad I grabbed my phone last second before our ride though! So happy you guys came!!! Freaking love you.

  2. Hahahahaha!!! This looks like a fantastic time!!!!
    I bet you had toooooons of fun!!!

    1. I did!!! It's always so hard to come home from vacations though, right?! We've been dragging all week ;)

  3. 1.) Dad's photo bomb - love it! love him!
    2.) Ummmmm......didn't I see some pics with Brenna sporting a little baby-tum??? Sanford's are the best!!!
    3.) Nik is gonna kill you for that group pic
    4.) love you - you're funny!

    1. Dadio's photobomb is the greatest. Aaaand I didn't want peeps to think Brenn was ACTUALLY pregnant, so I opted out :) thanks for the funniest trippy Madre! Love yooouuuu!

  4. I hate when I suck at taking pics too. or cant get the shot I want and so forth. Just gotta keep trying

    1. For real!! Sometimes it's just more of a hassel than anything! Buuuut, I'm always happy when I take I totally need to be better.