July 31, 2013

Getting the most out of our 2013 summer.

Last night, as I was sitting next to B on the couch, fast forwarding through all the judges comments on America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance (we love all these talent finding shows...don't even get us started on the X-Factor and The Voice), I was thinking about how happy I was that I married Lover Boy.

You guys, we have so. much. fun.

We both decided to ditch out on school this summer and just spend our time working and playing. 
Pretty soon B will be consumed with all things aspiring dentist-ish and who knows when baby Sanford will pop out. (according to the hubby...3 years).
But we both decided to make this summer one where we do whatever the heck we want...worry free!
As Katy Beasley says...it's the most reasonable time to be unreasonable. 
Right kids?!

Our wardies are like, "literally...you guys are never home"
Our next door neighbors are like, "we literally see your headlights flash into our bedroom window after we're half asleep every night"
I'm in Relief Society about to get up to play the piano when I hear someone already playing prelude. 
I'm like "who is that lady, and why is she playing the piano for me??"
The Relief Society President is like, "she probably is just assuming that you are literally out of town...again"

You know...just a bunch of signs and subtle hints that B and I are fully enjoying our summer. 
and we bask in these comments you guys...we just loooove 'em. 

^^our attempt to piggy back while rip sticking...how you say?...epic fail. 

So all I'm saying is that after rip sticking, basketball playing, and tennis matching last night...I was fully in love with my husband and 100% happy in the way we are choosing to spend our time together this summer. 

 Gosh I love him so much.
And tomorrow we're leaving on a spur of the moment California trip. 
I'm living the dream kids, living the dream.

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  1. You two are seriously too cute!! Yes, that is awesome that you get to have all sorts of fun this summer before cracking down on the books!! I think I may live vicariously through you ;) I don't know when the last time I went out of town was!! Have fun in Cali, sounds so fun!! And too funny about that RS sister playing the piano for you, haha!


  2. Good idea to enjoy while you can!