July 11, 2013

Just to clear the air.

Today B and I met up for lunch with my parents at the Orem mall.
And afterwards we walked around for a little bit. 
And out of the blue, Lover boy says, "Rik, sometimes in your blog...you make me sound like........like a fairy..."
Me...lol-ing "like a FAIRY!?"
Him..."Ya. A fairy."
And then we hear my mom in the background go "bling bling!" (Like a fairy noise I guess?) 
"B...what do fairies even sound like?!"
(Cue my mother's "bling bling!" once again)
Who knows what they sound like, but supposedly I make B sound like one. 
Perhaps he was meaning I make him sound soft? Girly? Sensitive? Glittery and magical, maybe? 

Who knows.
But first things first...
I'm sorry babes! I never meant to make you sound like a fairy!!!

And just to clear the air...Blake is super manly and all things that a fairy isn't and all things that Chuck Norris is. Okay??

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  1. I never got fairy maybe hint of awesome with a side of loving and a dash of gospel enjoying and a sprinkle of fun just saying

    1. Hahaha good. I'll be sure to tell him! I tried to convince him that he doesn't sound like a fairy ever...but he wasn't buying it. Thanks for the backup :)

  2. aren't Fairies fairly sensitive??

  3. I just found your blog & I absolutely love it! I met your husband a few years ago in the Honors Program at UVU.. y'all are the cutest couple! And he definitely isn't a fairy. Haha following you now!

    xo, b.

    1. Brielle! I remember that honor program! He was always doing some kind of activity with you guys. And I'm so glad you found our little bloggy blog, thanks for stopping by!!

  4. LOL!! This is thee funniest and cutest thing!! Fairy, where did he get that, haha :) Your mom's sounds of a fairy are too funny!! And for the record, your hubby totally seems like a Chuck Norris type of guy ;)


    1. Shio, your comments always make me smile, he really is a hoot! I dunno where he got that, but I felt bad! No man wants to sounds like a dang fairy!!