July 16, 2013

A funk, a birthday, and some house decor.

You guys.
I'm finding myself in a weird funk.
Like...bla bla bla bla blog, whaaaa?
Aint nobody got time for that.
Some person jacked my motivation and inspiration and threw it off a cliff.
And I'm buuuuuugged about it.
Cuz now I'm feeling obligated to write, instead of wanting to write. 
Oh bless, someone help. 
I know, I know...I should just take a break, breathe in some fresh air, find my dead motivation and inspiration at the bottom of the cliff and try to revive it with some kind of mouth-to-mouth procedure, but I don't want to.
Because I know how I am. 
Once I took a break from writing in my journal and after 12 months, I now open my journal to write in it about as much as I go into my kitchen to cook.
Like, never.
I don't want this blog to die a slow and lonely death like how my journal did!
So bear with me as posts are sparatic, probably boring, and honestly...a little forced.
We'll work through this little funk-da-funk together.

But in other great and non-boring news...
Today is May Lady's birthday!
I can't believe she's 2.
She's the cutest niece on planet earth.
I sure do love that Maylie Girl.

And also, I channeled my inner crafter last night and whipped out these sharpie prints.

Part of me hates that I didn't pre-meditate my designs.
And the lack of symmetry might kill me.
But another part of me loves them all imperfect-like.
It makes them totally rad.
So, I can't decide!

Welp! See ya later!

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  1. I seriously adore your blog and will be all sorts and shapes of heartbroken if you let it die a slow lonely death. but like, no pressure or anything. love you baby!!

    1. Hahaha heather! I frick frakin love you.

  2. Hey Rikki, just tell your readers something funny you have seen it something silly Blake had said or done.

    1. Telling stories about Blake is always my go-to! He does the funniest stuff! I'm just being cautious cuz I really don't want to make him sound like a fairy ;)

  3. i feel ya on the blog drought, it happens to everyone! but keep those posts coming, i'll still read them even if they're excruciatingly boring-you're adorable!

    1. Thanks Ash! You're the sweetest. I'm glad I have loyal readers like you!