July 26, 2013

It's time for you to float the Provo River, kids.

^^no one was actually wearing their nudies in the making of these pics.

Anyone who lives in the Provo area neeeeeeds to go up the canyon and float down the Provo river.
It's me and B's new favorite thing.
One time during our little float, B and I got a little seperated and I had no idea where he went.
5 minutes later, I see him walking along the bank of the river with a huge stick in his hand and his popped tire around his neck.
I was laughing soooo hard, he looked so funny...like a lost wilderness boy, if you will.
Apparently his stick popped his tube when he was using it as a paddle.
He said the stick hit his tube, popped it so fast, and dumped him in the water.
Too bad I wasn't there to witness it first hand...kid would never live it down.

So naturally, we had to share a tube for the rest of the way and it was the BEST thing!
Neither of us wanted to get wet because the water was freaking freezing,
but we could NOT find a position that didn't flip the tube over.
"Rik, let go of me! Riki...you need to let go. LET GO LET GO! We're gonna tip! RIK!!! LET GOOO!!"
I didn't let go.
If I was going down, we both were. And we both did.  
Seriously though, we scraped ourselves up pretty bad because the current kept pushing us along while we tried to position ourselves on the dang tube! The rocks at the bottom? No bueno.
Finally we found the perfect position and Blake wouldn't let me move a single muscle the rest of the way so we wouldn't tip over.
We laughed so hard because our necks hurt so bad from holding our heads up, and I literally had to hold my legs up in the air cuz when they touched the water, we would start tipping.  
I'm sure we looked ridiuclous on that thing, but it was so funny.
And don't get me started on when we would hit big waves or head toward trees...the sheer panick of something throwing off our perfectly balanced tube would send us into crazy laughs and you should see Blake's panicked face. It's priceless.
We laughed hard the whole and deemed our first river ride a great one.

So, what I'm saying is...go float the river.
Grab yourself a $10 tube at Big O Tires. A life jacket (it's required). Shoes (you'll die without them, I promise). And an oar of some type (not a stick, like my smart hubby did...you'll need something to steer!)
And just do it. Okay?!
In fact, B and I are planning to go again after work today.
Who's with meh?!
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  1. More details...what is the benefit of doing it yourself instead of using the company? Did you have to walk a long way?

  2. Okay, with the company you can rent tubes and they drive you up to the top in a bus! I don't know how much money everything is though. Because we didn't use the company, we just had to buy our own tubes and then drive 2 seperate cars (one to drive us up to the top, and then one to drive us to the car at the top once we reached the bottom) does that make sense?! So we didn't have to walk any extra...just had to provide our own transportation.