July 7, 2013

All things American.

For the 4th, we decided to do all things American...minus the yum tacos we ate on the parade route. Seriously, I've never seen my boy happier, so the tacos were a must. But we rode bikes, hung out on the parade route, Denny's at 3 am, drank coke, watched the parade, ate KFC, played frisbee, rode motorcycles, ordered icecream from a creepy icecream truck, took naps, and ended the night with Carly Rae and ma gurl Kelly.

^^ out of the millions of seats at the stadium of fire, I happened to sit right by Kali, one of my besties! What are the odds?! So rad, right?

Happy 4th peeps! Hope you enjoyed the sleep deprivation, overload of snacks, and all DYI American flag projects as much as I did!

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