July 23, 2013

The heat stroker (take 2).

Last year, I headed down to St. George with Blakey boo for the Heat Stroker as just his girly friend.
He said it was my test to see if I could be his wifey since it's kinda of a brutal weekend...
seeing as you have to stay up all night watching softball games.

Last year, I slept through 2 games.
Obviously it was enough to pass B's test seeing as we're now sleeping in the same bed as a married couple as of late.
So this year, I went as his wife and it was a ba-last, I tell you.
We went with our friends Josh + Katy and Matt +Carly amd just had a #greattimegreatexperience.
and I'm happy to report that I only slept through 1.5 games this year...I'm a party animal I tell you.
and making progress with each year!
Seriously though, their games went from 10 pm to 8am the next morning.
So crazy.

 Left: like one or two-ish in the a.m.//Right: at six...watching the sun rise. 

And me...dead as a door nail.
I don't even know how these boys can stay awake and play softball all through the night. 
Blows my noggin' 
So basically we're all pretty pooped by the end of this and spend the rest of our days sleeping in till 4 pm, swimming, shopping, eating at way weird times, and waiting for the next softball games to start.

B was just not a happy camper when they finally lost out of the tournament.
That kid could play ball all day erryday. I swear it.
I don't mind though.
He's sexy out there on the field, for sure.
But they did gooooood.
Go team.
And after watching the tournament semi-finals with B, part of me is happy they lost.
Those guys are insanely good...like scary good.
like, used-to-be-a-professional-baseball-player, good.
like, I-don't-really-have-a-life-outside-of-softball-tournaments, good.
like, you-better-have-the-reflexes-of-Mr. Miyagi-or-you'll-die-from-a-100mph-softball-to-your-face, good.
Ya, glad that's not my man.

Anaaaand before heading home, we stopped by the narrows (just the little St. George one).

See that tiny tiiiiny slit up above in that pic?
Ya! that's what you have to go through!
Literally can't even turn your head at some parts.
Let me tell ya...does wonders for your self esteem when you finally squeeze yourself through to the end.
Oh! and can't forget Father Bishop (B's dad) yelling, "GOTTA PEE!" from the top of the narrows, and then feeling a bunch of liquid land on your head.
Hahahaha so funny.
of course it was just water kids!

 It was super windy up top.
And look at B's hair!
It's getting so long and crazy and I love it.

All the boys got on this rock and started showing off their upper body strength.
Where did B's head go, you ask?
I'm not sure actually.
But check this out.

I'm all, "I wanna try!"
And failed miserably.
Baby biceps, what!?
So then I'm all "Blake. Imma donkey kick my legs out, so be ready to snap a pic"
Not really thinking that it'd turn out, at all. 
But of course B snaps a pic while my body is in a plank for less than half a second.on.the.first.try.
(which is a huge deal, as all pictures require me saying, "will you take just one more?!" right?)
and it didn't even turn out blurry and makes me look sooo buff, right?!
Go B.
And go Iphone.
You never seem to disappoint.

And last thing!
In May, when B and I were in St. George with my family, we decided to write ourselves a note and hid/bury it at the softball fields so we could find it again when we came back for the heat stroker.
Want some bueno news?! We found it!!

The note:

To: Blake + Riki,
Have fun this weekend!
We were here just a few weeks before you.
Tell Josh and Katy hi for us.
Blake, make sure you provide Riki with the necessary stuff to keep her awake during your games so you can play well.
Love you two!!!

-Blake + Riki from the past.
10 May 2013.

Composed by Blake on a napkin from dinner that night.

Hope your weekend was a rad as mine was!
Hahaha "love you two!!"
Best part.

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