July 18, 2013

Some good news!

B and I have been married for half a year! 
Holla holla. 
So last night, I found a sub to teach my Wednesday night dance classes and spent the night with my boy instead. 
I love date nights with the hubs! 

And more good news? 
Today we're headed down to St. George for the weekend! 
Blake is playing softball all weekend in the "heat stroker". 
It's this tournament where you play through the nights and spend your days catching up on sleep. 
It's one of our favorite summer vacays...so we're pretty stoked on life right now. 

And the best good news of the day?
A winner for the Kaylie Marie Design giveaway! (Selected via random number generator)
Gracie King! Congrats my fellow poor newlywed :) 
Email or text me and we'll get you all set up! 
Thanks for all who entered...
You're the ice to my cream. 

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  1. You two are so cute!! You are soooo close!!! I wish I could just run over to St. G, and we could go & get some ice cream!! But of course, I am home alone with the kids for the weekend, so no dice :( Good luck to your hubby's team, and have fun staying up all night!! :)