July 30, 2013

The hunt for the perfect tacos.

As of late, B and I are obsessed with tacos.
It all started with me begging him to go to the Tortilla Bar with me.
It was all over my IG feed and looked like all the rage.
In short, we liked it about as much as we like this years season of the Bachelorette.
AKA: we watched one episode and never watched it again.
AKA: one is enough.
AKA: we just don't get it.

But it did jumpstart the hunt for the perfect taco.
Perfect meaning it brings Lover Boy right back to New York City as a young lad missionary boy eating tacos from street vendors for daaaays.

We tried way too many tacos in way too short of a time span, but we were determined.
and while all of them were yummers, none of them satisfied my man.
Until we hit up Davanza's in Park City during a vacay, that is.
We have always loved this place, it has the chillest vibe! But we loved it for it's pizza and just always ordered that.
But on a whim, I ordered one taco with my pizza.
B tried it, ordered 3 more right away, and announced the finding of the perfect taco.

Botta bing botta boom!
We did it.
And we've been craving them ever since.
So I tried to re-create them the other night.

They were pretty darn good, if I say so myself.
But you know how I hate cooking.
And the mere fact that I had to cook the perfect tacos myself literally took some of the yumminess out of them.
I'm not kidding.
But on the reals, after eating tacos every other night for dinner, it sure feels good to have found Davanza's.

Man I love the man who hired the man to cook the tacos at that place.
You done good man, you done good.
Next stop?
NYC taco vendor in the fleeeesh. 
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  1. Riks! You and B need to go check out 180 Tacos! It's next door to Magely's Fresh. It's so good! Totally street tacos.

    1. Seriously? I've never even heard of or seen it! We'll have to go check it out ASAP or sooner! Thanks baby boooo.

  2. I love the way you write on your blog :) I think you are hilarious! feel free to give me that taco recipe!

    xo, keena

    1. Thanks keena! You're so sweet! And literally...all it is is steak, onions and cilantro with some lime on a corn tortilla. My kinda of recipe, right?!

  3. oh man that looks delish! next time you're in slc, and looking for some good tacos, go to lonestar taqueria-i'm drooling just talking about it lol it is SO good