September 12, 2013

As of late.

This weekend was full of exciting things and bad quality iphone pics. 
Check it. 

 First, beautiful Sarah (right in the middle) had a bridal shower. 
She married Willie (aka: Willis), this Tuesday and B and I could not be more thrilled. 
We love them. 
And have been routing (sp?) for them to get married before they even starting dating. 
So their  marriage is partly our doing, with all the positive marriage vibes we sent them and all.
What a cool couple.

Us at their wedding. 
I think B is so hot.

 And at the shower, I saw some of my favorite peeps!
Remember when I lived with these fools?
They're crazy and I totally miss them. 

   And this chick?
Gave an amazing farewell talk on Sunday. 
You know? Killin it before she's even out in the field. 
But now she's gonezo and off to do amazing things in the Adriatic South Mission. 
Is that a country?? I don't even know.
But so cool. 

And this handsome father of mine got called to serve in the YSA bishopric. 
I said, "that's awesome dad! Say goodbye to your Sundays and hello to chastity and marriage talks".
It made him laugh. 
So I'm getting the vibe that he's 100% okay with it :)
What a man.

And we made it to the farmers market. 
One of my favorite places on earth. 
You should go before it's over in October. 
Grab yourself some macaroons (the salted caramel are to die for)
and some sweet jewelry.
You won't be sorry, I swear it.

And we got to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Redd's 50th wedding anniversary. 
How neat is that?!
50 years is a butt load of years, right?
And this little party made my husband so happy. 
He loved seeing his whole family. 
And hearing funny stories about his grandparents. 
And seeing his grandparents be complete social butterflies. 
Literally they were all over the place, talking to EVERYONE. 
This picture up there? 
it's amazing that we even got them in the same place at once and long enough to take a picture with us. 
They are rock stars and we love them so much!

 And our little basement apartment almost flooded in the rain storm. 
Thanks to Chief Dave for saving us. 

And I whipped up our favorite salsa. 
Thanks Pinterest. 
It's delish. 
And we can't stop eating it. 
Gosh, I'm such a chef. 
The recipe called for minced garlic. 
Sadly, I had to google it AND ask my sis-in-law Kaylyn what minced garlic was exactly. 
But I ain't ashamed. 
You gotta start somewhere.
I now I will forever know what minced garlic is. 
Why did you never teach me that?!

Hope you're all having a happy Thursday!

and oooohhhh!
I dyed my hair dark.
Did ya see?!
Literally, was so sick of my melt I could have dyed. (pun!)
And it's feeling more healthy and long than ever.
So I'm deeming my decision to kill the ombre, a great one. 
RIP you blonde damaged ends.
My husband loved you too much.
I'm sure I'll be seeing you again.

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  1. Your hair is seriously beautiful! I loooooove it! Came across your blog today and it's awesome :)

    1. Thank you so much! And hey, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. ok. you guys are seriously the cutest couple. and i want to steal all your clothes.

    1. Hahaha thanks baby! No lie, find a bunch of my stuff at thrift stores...gotta love those things.

  3. Rik- loved the your girly friends, your dad's a stud, your hair is darling and I hardly even know what garlic is, let alone how to mince it.

    1. So glad you're with me on the garlic did we miss that in our growing up years?? Seriously.

  4. So I totally stalk your blog, Riki. Is that weird? Haha. You are the cutest, and I enjoy your posts! Glad you're living up the married life. It's totally the best isn't it? We definitely need an EFY reunion, but I'm happy I get to keep up with your life through all this social media awesomeness.

    Love ya!

    1. Keri! I freaking miss you! What are you up to these days? Are you still at school or what? I'm happy you keep up with my life via blog...imma go blog stalk you STAT.