September 20, 2013

Twitter and X-Factor.

You guys. 
Last night, I was teaching dance till 10 and B stopped by to say hi towards the end. 
I love when he comes to see what we're up to.
And I especially love that he's there to help me lock up.
I get freaking scared when I'm there alone. It's scary.
Anyway, when we got home, my sissy sent me a text that had this picture attached. 

One of my dance girls tweeted it and it made our lives. 
Seriously, we were like, "that is so cool!"
So thanks Anna baby for making our night. 

And also, we watched YouTube videos for hours last night. 
Specifically, X-Factor ones. 
I'm not even kidding when I say that B looooooooooves all shows talent finding. 
Especially the X-factor. 
I see him YouTubing them alllll the time. 
And he totally has me hooked. 

So here's some of my personal faves. Watch em'. You won't regret it.

And if you don't want to watch any of these, that's chill. 
It's me and B's all time favorite. 
Something about his accent, his humbleness, and the way he breaks down at the me chills every time!
So check it out, you crazy loco. 
And have a happy weekend!

Also, if you want to spend your entire weekend looking up X-Factor moments, just let me know. 
My husband could give you 5,000 more amazing videos to watch. 
Oh gosh, I love that he loves it so much. 
Like this week we met at home for a lunch/fooseball break and he's all, "I gotta hurry up and beat you, I wanna watch some X-factor videos before I leave". 
hahaha, okay! psycho crazy freako.

And just for the record, I killed him at fooseball.
Which resulted in a minor black eye for the husband. 
It's his own dang fault for tackling me onto the couch in his rage and accidentally smashing his head against my hip bone. 
Sorry not sorry babe!
and don't forget you owe me a 10 minute back massage for beating you!!!

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  1. I'm watching X-Factor right now!!!! I'm sooo hooked & was totally blown away too by Alex & Sierra's audition!!! yayyyyyyy

    1. Did they go through to the final rounds?! I haven't been keeping up!

  2. You guys are so cute, for reeeeeeeeeal!

  3. ok- sheesh Rik....that last guy was a 5 Kleenex-er! I loved him, but I love you more.....please Please when you make it to The X Factor, bring me on stage with you- cuz we all know where you got your singing voice!! :O lalalalala

    1. You cried?! Hahaha you would :) Hahahaha I didn't get the Laws singing gene...why'd you rip me off?!

  4. You did not warn me that there would be tears on the last one.
    chills yes, slobbering tears, definitely.
    wow. what a show.

  5. Carly Rose and Alex & Sierra ! And I haven't seen the last one. I need to watch it. I seriously spend hours on YouTube, too. I blame the suggestions side bar.

    1. Oh ya. We could watch video all night! YouTube is way too addicting!

  6. You are right, that last one is so amazing! Had not seen that one! We are huge x factor fans at our house. Kaden requests to watch it every night.

    1. It's so good huh?! Wish we could all watch it together!