September 18, 2013

Lake Powell 2013

Lake Powell has got to be one of my favorite places on earth. 
Not only is it freak beautiful, but who doesn't love boating and the sun and reading and eating and relaxing and jamming to music and eating good food and games and friends and tan skin? 
I mean really. 
If you hate Lake're probably the Grinch of life. 
And the ultimate fun sucker of the universe.

What I'm saying is this....we had a blast on this vacay. 
How could we not?!
And a huge ginormous THANK YOU to the Sefcik fam. 
We absolutely love you guys and could not think of anyone more fun to tag along with. 

Oh, what?
You didn't want to see 5,000 pics from our trip?
Too bad so sad go tell your dad.

I love you like a long song, baby. 

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  1. Looks like TOOOOONS of fun =))))))))

  2. LOVE Lake Powell! I miss our trips there so much!