September 3, 2013

Title? I got nothin'.

To be honest...
the thought of summer ending and school starting tomorrow is making me depressed.
And the process of narrowing down the 5,000 pics I took this weekend to 20 pics for a "lake powell weekend" blog post is giving me anxiety.
So I'm just gonna give you a glimpse of the many piccys to come.
And then cuddle up to my man and enjoy my last night of guilt free TV watching before homework murders my free time like how I murder a gallon of icecream.

Singing "Roar" better than Katy herself. 

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  1. You guys are seriously too adorable!! And brave for taking on LP being a holiday and all! We steer clear of the lake when holidays come around, it's just so crazy! But how fun, I am excited to see more pics! xoxo!

    1. LP pics coming soon! I promise! Love you girly!