June 12, 2014

App Camp

Recently, I got a new job at this awesome company called App Raptors.
They do a bunch of stuff but mainly they develop apps for peeps that don't know how to do it themselves.
It's pretty sweet to learn about all things design, code, and app making.
I had NO idea the process it takes to turn an app idea into an actual app...it's insane in the membrane.

App Raptors puts on a camp called App Camp to kids ages 8-18 throughout the summer. 
I've been looking at/learning the curriculum for this camp, and it is seriously awesome!
Kids come up with an app idea, put their app into wireframes, learn how to use programs (such as prezi) and have the chance to present their app idea to classmates, instructors, and investors.
Sweet, right?

We are also putting on other summer camps such as Design Camp (where kids learn all things design using programs such as illustrator) as well as Code Camp (where they learn the crazy world of coding...this stuff blows my mind, people).
After running through the curriculum for design and code camp today, I honestly wanted to sign up for the camps myself! I feel like I neeeed these skills for my future business in blog design! ha ha jk, I could never. But still. 

So if you interested, go to www.appcamputah.com or click here and check everything out.

and the best part? You can get 20% of ANY camp if you use the promo code: onthereals20
20% off!
So rad. 
Email me at riksanford(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions.
I'll be in all the classes throughout the summer and I would totally love to hangout with your kiddo :)

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  1. Um where was this when I was a small child? Seriously.

    1. i know...I'm sneaking into the design camp to 'help'...but really to just learn all the good stuff they'll be teaching.