June 9, 2014

The year of Taylor Swift.

I did it! 
I turned 22. 
Been there, done that.

My day was one to remember, I'm seriously convinced I have the best family and friends in the world. And that husband of mine? So tricky!

The night before my birthday, B and I are cuddling in bed about to go to sleep. 
He gets a call from his brother telling him his car broke down and he needs a ride.
Obviously I was sad he had to leave me, but Sky needed his help!
So I fall asleep and wake up the next morning to B wishing me a happy birthday!
Next thing, I hear "22" blasting in the kitchen. 
I walk in and see this. 

Turns out Skylar's car didn't break. 
B just needed a reason to get away from my death grip (we cuddle hard before bed) to decorate the kitchen. 
Boy said he was up till 3 am putting everything together. 
Gosh, I love him.

I went and got my nails done, did a little shopping, my dad picked me up on his motorcycle and we had sushi for lunch - just me and him (one of my favorite birthday traditions ever!) and then B and I went and got couple massages.

For dinner, B told me that we were going up to Salt Lake to the Melting Pot. 
All day he kept changing the plans on me...
"should we go to Cheesecake? Then Melting Pot for dessert?"
 "or Melting pot for dinner?"
 "I think people are wanting to come over for cake and icecream later, would melting pot take too long?!'
"we could always have them come over tomorrow???"
"Let just go to The Melting Pot." 
Our reservation was for 8, then got changed to 7, then back to 8 because lover boy couldn't make up his mind!
At about 7:00, B tells me we have to go pick up some jersey's for his dad, then we had to book it to SLC to get to dinner on time. 
B starts heading to Springville and explained that the jerseys we had to pick up were there. 
He had me google the time it would take to get from Springville to SLC - about 50 min.
It's like 7:20 at this time and I'm getting frustrated because we were going to be late to our reservation that he had changed like 5 times already! (I HATE being late!)
He keeps driving up and down main street because we can't find the dang jersey place. 
I seriously was getting frustrated at this point. 
Like, "B! why didn't you think about this earlier!?!"
Finally, he pulls into this parking lot and tells me this is where he thinks we need to park to get to the jersey place. 
I get out of the car and see all of my family's cars there. 
*cue "ah-ha" moment*
He had planned a whole surprise party for me at the art city trolley!
First thing I did was punch him...he totally deserved it for getting me all worked up on my own birthday and trickin' me.
And then apologized like a million times for getting frustrated at him.

My fam was there and some of my closest friends.
  We just ate, opened presents, and hung out.
It was so great and just the kind of thing that I love. 
I'm still baffled at how well B planned the whole thing. 
I literally had ZERO idea.
Such a tricky guy he is. 

^^ 22 baby!

Later that night, B made me go outside and hit this pinata he got me. 
It was so funny. 
I'm really bad at hitting those things.
I probably looked like a complete idiot.
But there was tickets to "wicked" in there. 
So that's great. 

We also whipped out our mattress that night and put it in the living room. 
That's right.
Slumber party.
Basically it was the perfect ending to the perfect day and the mattress doesn't have plans of moving back into our room anytime soon. 
It's been there for a week and a half already :/

Thanks for such a great birthday!
Feels so good. 
And sorry about the picture quality. Birthday pics just aren't my thing.


  1. Ooooh your husband is too good! I understand about the photos, they aren't my thing either haha. Happy birthday petal!

    1. I know...he's the bomb! Thanks so much for the birthday wish!