June 19, 2014

This past weekend.

For the past 3 years, B and I have made an appearance at the Orem Fest. 
We looooove it. 
I'm a sucker for all those tents full of cool things to buy.
Especially the jewelery ones.
Ahhhh. I'm in heaven in those things. 
B's so great too. 
He fully understands my love for rings and will let me spend as much time as I want looking at ones to purchase and even gives his input and all. 
It makes me so happy and I left with some pretty rad rings, so that's great.
We also ran into my bro bro, sissy-in-law, and niece while we were there!
It made my night. 
I love those guys. 
And freaking May Lady loooooooves B.
They ran around the tents chasing each other and eating funnel cake.
(Hence the fork in B's hand, and Maylie tugging at B to keep playing with her)
Makes me laugh and basically melts my heart.

We also hit up the One Republic Concert this weekend. 
The beginning of the concert was rough though. 
We were totally late cuz of traffic, parked forever away and had to walk a million miles..and then they wouldn't even let us in because I had brought my camera. (argh)
Like, what? Are we not allowed to take pics? Cuz I'm literally looking at 5 thousand people take pictures with their iPhone as we speak!
Luckily, B found a way to sneak it in (whoops)...but we were good citizens and never used it. Just used our phones, like everyone else and their dog.
and THEN. I got in this huge line to get us some food. 
Got to the front 20 min. later only to realized they only take cash and I had zero of it.
So then I got in the ATM line (that was also forever long) to grab some cash. 
Turns out it wouldn't read ANY of my cards. What?!
I literally put all my cards in a million times in every direction and starting sweating cuz everyone was waiting on me. 
So then I give up and find another line of food that takes cards and waited another 20 minutes (I was royally ticked at this time and sick of standing in line... and sweaty). 
I finally order some food, pay a million dollars, and then they give me all this food that I literally can't carry by myself. (I ordered a bunch of food because I thought, "I'm starving and have waited in lines for like an hour, so imma order as much food as I want!" Obviously I didn't think that through very well)
So I ask them if they have a box, and they say, "nope, good luck."
I wanted to cry.
People were waiting on me again. (gosh I hate that)
I called B, he thought I had died since I had been gone so long, and then he hurried to my rescue.
He lightened my mood real quick by totally laughing at me, then introducing me to the friends he had made in my long absence.
After that, the night was GOLDEN.
You guyz. 
It was sooooo good!
One Republic was freaking talented. Like beyond good.
And the night was fa-reezing, so B and I had to cuddled tight in our blanket through the whole concert. 
It was magical I tell you. 

And of course, Father's Day. 
I was actually sick this morning with a gnarly cold. 
So B and I stayed in bed till 1:00 and then hurried our butts to church. 
Then we had a huge BBQ with the Sanford and Laws clan.
We just ate good food and played fun games. 
I love so much that my family hangs out with B's family.
It was awesome to spend the day with both my dads who I love so much. 

Hope you all had a stellar weekend!
I'm trying to be better at blogging. 
Sorry I've been bad!!!

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  1. I was at that concert too and One Republic was A-mazing!!! I was blown away. But yeah....freezing. And I was dumb and didn't bring anything warm. But it was so worth it!

    1. What?! you didn't?! You freaking poor thing. We brought a few blankets and I still wanted to die! But yes...they were unreal. I totally wasn't expecting it!