July 3, 2011


Every year for the past 5 or 6 years, my family has gone up to the Durrant's property to watch the Stadium of Fire. It's the best! We have the best seat in town. I'm sure it's great inside the stadium, but I'm convinced the show is better while eating tons of goodies, playing in the grass, and lounging on a blanket in the shade with friends and family.

 I kid you not when I say that I have 60 pictures worth of fireworks on my camera from last night. I mean they're cool, but not THAT cool. It's just that my mom kept saying "Oooo! Get that one!" every 5 seconds, and "Ah you missed a good one, be ready!", and "why did you take a picture of an ugly firework, get one like THAT, hurry!".  Eventually I gave up and just handed her the camera. But then words just flew out of my mouth like "Nice one mom! Keep going!" and "Did you get that one?!" I couldn't help myself... hence the millions of terrible (most of them turned out bad) firework pictures I have. It sure was fun though :)


  1. I'm sad we weren't there with you guys :( Glad you still went up and had fun. Love you. Loved your balloon story as well. PS - Has your mom forwarded Ryan's email to you yet? Just remind her if she hasn't. It's a really short one. I don't have your email if you could send it to me.

  2. I know! It was weird without you guys there, just wasn't the same. I hope you had a great 4th in New York though! And I got Ryan's email, thank you! They just keep getting shorter, huh? :)