July 19, 2011

Tennis anyone?

While in St. George, my family played tennis a couple of times. I thought I was pretty good, take a look and tell me what you think! :)

How's my form?

How's my game face?

How's my whiff?? Or I guess you can say whiffS.

How's my face lookin' right after my mom hit me square in the eye with a speeding tennis ball while I was looking at my camera?

Okaaaaaay. So I sucked! Tennis is obviously not my forte :). I don't know how my mom managed to capture so many terrible pictures of me, but she did. I need to learn some serious skills from these pro's...

Ha! I wouldn't call my mom a "pro" but she DID manage to aim right for my face and nail it spot on...so sure! That's pro worthy skill in my book.

Tennis with the fam = priceless. I didn't even mind everyone making fun of me. It takes talent to be as terrible as I was, pure talent.


  1. Love St. Georgie! Those pictures of you truly are priceless, in a freaky sort of way. :) Seriously though, you make awkward look HOTT.

  2. hahahahaha. I loved this post. You are so cute RIk. On the second pic it looks like you have a crazy strong body. Oh wait. You do! :)

  3. Those pictures are so funny! I was laughing out loud!!