July 31, 2011


After running 5 miles and dancing on an ankle that already hurt for some mysterious reason, my mom forced me to go to the doctors. According to her, "you won't ever stay off it unless a doctor makes you". Well...I went to the doctors. I guess I stretched a ligament and I can only walk on it for the next month. I just looked at the doctor with wide eyes after he told me that. Does he realize that I'm an exercise junkie and a dance teacher? Uhh....nothing but walking for a month??...that ain't happenin' doc! I actually told him that. I think I said something along the lines of "dancing is my lively-hood, how am I supposed to EAT?!" He didn't think that was funny. He told me he would put me in a boot if I couldn't control myself. Whaaaaat?! A boot for a swollen ankle? That is unheard of people! After much discussion - which was really just him lecturing me about staying off my ankle ( I think he could tell that I wasn't taking his "doctorly advice" very well) - he and I settled for this little cutie....

Seems a little over kill, I know.  I've only worn it once and my ankle is still buggin'. Obviously I need to stop being so stubborn and admit that my poor ankle needs a rest! But while I'm still refusing to give my ankle the time it needs to heal, will someone please answer this question for me? Why is it that when the doctor office looks like this...

...it still takes me a solid 20 minutes to see the doctor?! Unreal.


  1. Poor darling riki lou. :( Hope you get better soon!!!

  2. Brad says it's because even when there aren't a bunch of people waiting, the doctor is working hard. Likely on the mounds and mounds of paperwork. Or he was playing games and eating lunch.

    So sorry about your ankle, no fun at all. Even though staying off of it sucks, what could happen if you don't sucks worse. I want to continue watching you dance. Sooo.... for selfish reasons, please be nice to that talented body of yours.