July 8, 2011

Love Note.

I might have accidentally left my gum on the sink. I don't think Kaniki was very happy about it. I sure am missing her while she's at youth conference. Can't wait to give her a loving smack on the booty for her loving love note to me this morning. Funny, funny girl.


  1. That is an interesting "piece" of info about you. Do it often?

  2. I'm back from youth conference.
    The gum is still there.
    Something wrong with this picture?

  3. Lala...I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I have gum in my mouth before I brush my teeth at night and so it ends up on the sink, and I sometimes forget to throw it away....gross, I know.

  4. Rik, thanks so much for watching the babes the other night! I'll love you always for it. Also, I promise not to tell Ry-Ry about any of your gross habits until after the wedding. :) jk