July 5, 2011


My undercover profession is a hair cutter. Psyche! Except for Nik really thinks that I am. For some strange reason she always asks me to cut her hair. Honestly, I don't know why. Who wants someone to cut their hair that has NO experience, what so ever?! According to her "every time you cut my hair it's a new adventure!" Well...I do not think it's fun. At all. It stresses me out actually. It takes me 3 times as long as it should, and we have to style it, then re-cut, then thin it, then restyle it again, then cut some more, and...you get the picture, it never looks as good as I want it too. Oh well....as long as I can help Nik have more "adventure" in her life, I guess I'm willing to oblige to her ridiculous requests.

Finished product: Good thing she makes anything look good, and good thing she just wanted a trim.

The mother made us do it outside. I guess we're messy or something...

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