August 15, 2012

A little bit of that lovey dovey stuff.

I move to Romania in 19 days.
Lots of peeps ask what's gonna happen with B and I.
Here's what's up.
He'll keep himself busy with school and work and lots of quality family time while avoiding all females,, and my sexy roommate Taylor (who has a (not so) secret crush on him) at all costs, while wearing a t-shirt with a picture of his incredibly sexy girlfriend on it that says "my heart's in Romania" with the Romanian flag in the background with little red and pink hearts all over it, everyday.
And I'll try really hard not to fall in love and elope with a little 5-year-old orphan boy.
But pharrell.
When people ask me...I think I turn into a robot.
"It's gonna suck, but he's supportive because he knows how important it is to me"
"Distance makes the heart grow fonder"
"It'll either make or break the relationship"
and thee ever infamous,
"It's only 3 months..."
I say these things with a robot face, and a robot tone, with a robot brain, while doing the robot dance (ha ha. el oh el. jay kay. 'Bout the robot dance, that is).
Robot aka: nothing.
Just words, no substance.
While those things may all be very true,
the truth is...
It'll be real hard.
and I'm really going to miss him.
But look at that face...

How could you not be head-over-heels for that??
It's impossible not to be.
Thank the heavens for the once-a-week alloted time to contact home.
You best believe we be skype dating up the wah-zoo.
And I can't wait to be pen pals.
It all seems so romatic like.
Handwriting love notes across the ocean and all.

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  1. Oh Rik! I feel for ya hon! Good luck in Romania! It will go faster than you think. Enjoy the experience!