August 2, 2012

The perks....

{The perks of dating the B-man}

He can get free whatever (I mean...WHATEVER) from NuSkin.
He comes home from work with stuff that he thinks I will like.  
Last night it was a cute make-up bag.
Sometimes it's lotion.
Other times it's face scrub.

Last night he came home with $1500 worth of product.
He was stoked to show me.
Gave me and his fam the run-down on every. single. product.
He sounded all professional and business like.

He even made me wash my face at his house last night so I could try new face moisturizes and such.
I felt very moisturized.
Go NuSkin. Go B.
I love when he comes home with goody goods for me.

{The perks of going to Romania}

Getting ready for the day in Romania is going to be a breeze.
Rik. Would you like to wear blue scrubs, blue scrubs, or blue scrubs today?
Um..I'll take the blue scrubs, please.

I usually {aka: never} take pictures of myself in the dressing room.
But I had to.
I had to send a pic to boyfriend.
Because. He doesn't think scrubs are sexy. 
But I disagree.
I've never looked better in my life.
What is sexier than blue scrubs?
The answer is nothing.


  1. What is better than reading Riki's blog?
    nothing. The answer is nothing. :)

  2. YESSSSSSSS! LOVE free NuSkin products!!!