August 27, 2012

You're gonna make me lonesome when you go.

Hey. This is your boyfriend. Sorry to ruin your perfectly worded, super cute, creative blog. But whatever, just wanted you to know how much imma miss yo face when you get to the other side of the world, millions and millions of miles away..There's nothing better than being with your best friend Every. Single. Day. So when I say you're gonna make me lonesome when you go, I totally mean it. You're the most beautiful girl in the world and everybody reading this knows it. I am the happiest boy because I get to call you mine. Those little munchkins in Romania are so lucky to have someone like you to look after them. You are going to do amazing. I'm so proud of you. Lets be honest I'm going to be a lost little soul for a few months, but hey, I'll be waiting patiently... You're the best Rik! Go get em!


  1. Great Blake. Thank you for making me wish I had a boyfriend like you. And making me teary eyed. Love this so much. Riks... we love you.

  2. oh B!!! I'll still invite you over for Sunday dinners, beat you in Fooseball and use all your New Skin points :) seriously, cute lil blog - who knew! We are all going to have a lil loneliness when the child leaves, but December is right around the corner and you AND Rik can help me with my Christmas decorations (again). loves!