August 13, 2012

The birthday boy.

It was Chief Dave's birthday on of course I have to highlight him!....duh. It's just what the favorite oldest daughter of his in the whole world has to do to stay his favorite oldest daughter. It ain't easy being the fav, kids. It ain't easy. 

{This is Dad being old....and me pretending to be old}

From middle school to high school...he paid me for my grades. Straight A's got double the mulah. You best believe I was a straight A student. I'd like to think my GPA is due to my incredible self-motivation and educational desires. Funny. Either I inherited by dad's killer smart brains, or I loved getting a check from him. Whatever way you do the math...he's to thank for every "you got a 4.0 this semester!" certificate I've ever gotten.

He made me eat sushi until I liked it and taught me how to use chopsticks. Most peeps think I'm half asian because of my mom. It's really because of my dad.

Once I really really wanted to swim with the dolphins at Sea World. So I may or may not have lied to him and told him that I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up so he would pay for me to swim with the little dolphins thinking he was helping me achieve my dreams. He may or may not have known my marine biologist aspirations would be very very short lived. But he still let me swim with them. And even bought me a snow globe with a picture of me hugging a dolphin on the inside. So cool.

On behalf of every car I've ever driven, I'd like to thank my dad for his automobile fix-it skills.
On behalf of my wallet, I'd like to doubly thank him for his automobile fix-it skills.

I sure have been blessed to have the best dad. He's the most kind-hearted, smart, supportive, and loving person I've ever known. He's my biggest fan and I'm his baby doll. Here's to 48 years and 48 more.

I love you dadio!!!

Nik and I taught him how to hip-bump on his birthday.
Can't believe he went 48 years without knowing how to hip-bump.

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  1. Love your dad, and you!

    Emmie B.