August 9, 2012

Let's talk {facelifts}.

I'm pretty sure I'm opposed to facelifts.
{only pretty sure because I've never really thought about them to be honest. Never had to. But I mean...what if I reeeeeeally needed one for some reason or another? Like bad?....maybe I'm 100% pro facelifts...I just don't know it yet}

But until that point in my life comes where I seriously have to debate the reality of getting a facelift (may that day never come)... I'm pretty sure I'm opposed to them.

Check it.

Oh dear....bless their sweet sweet souls.

But blog got a facelift this week.
One that I fully support. 100%.
Thanks go to this pretty little lady.

Too bad MJ didn't consult Rylee girl for his facelifting ish like I did.
He {and the rest of the world} might have been more pleased with his rearranging business if he had.
Sorry man.
Better luck next time.

But's still under a bit of construction.
Hopefully I can finish it up faster than UDOT has taken on I-15.

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