December 22, 2012

THE bridesmaid gifts.

 I wanted to do something a little cute to ask my best friendy friends to accompany me on my entire wedding day...
This is a big deal peeps.
So what did I do?
Stuffed mason jars with my favorite candy. 

Crafty Rik. 
Best part is, I didn't even need pinterest for the idea.
It's hard being purely original in this pinteresty world of ours.
So yes, I'll take a nice pat on the back for this one.
I know, I know...I should have said something more creative,
like...."you'd be a peach if you were my bridesmaid"
Or something like that.
But for some reason I thought it was too tacky at the time of making the tags. 
Oh well. 
So far they've all said yes.
So I'll consider my Peachie-O stuffed Jars a total success. 

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